Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No BP Gulf Oil Spill in the Florida Keys/Islamorada

Greetings once again from Islamorada and the Florida Keys. With all the recent talk on CNN about the BP Gulf Oil Spill many of my customers have called me to get the real story. Well as I have told them "What Gulf Oil Spill?" It over six hundred miles away from the Florida Keys! And if the oil reaches us in the Florida Keys it will be in the form of Tar Balls. Folks we have been dealing with Tar Balls since I was a little kid and this is not new to us. Bottom line is IT WILL NOT effect your Summer plans!
Fishing has been GREAT! This years night Tarpon fishing has been the best in many years, in the summer months we use live crabs under a float for Big Monsters. Back in the Everglade National Park the Snook are starting to show back up on the full day trips. Closer to home we are catching Big Sharks, Spotted Sea Trout and Redfish. Last week one lucky guest of mine caught a 30 LB. Permit! Check out my web site to see a photo of that nice catch.
Want to give it a try? Give me a call. Till then this is Captain Ted Benbow Asking you too "Keep it in the Shallow Grass" 305-393-0363