Wednesday, November 24, 2010

islamorada fishing

Greeting once again from the "Sports Fishing Capital of the World" Islamorada and the Florida Keys. The fishing this time of the year has just been GREAT! Back in the Everglades National Park we have been catching large numbers of Red fish. On a average morning trip we are releasing 20 or more. We are also fight Bull and Lemon Sharks up to 250 Lbs. and the Spotted Sea Trout are still showing up in good numbers in the afternoon. Out in the Gulf the Spanish Mackerel bite has been hot. With Mack's up to 30" being caught. Out on the Patch Reefs were fighting Grouper, Yellow Tail, Hogfish, Mutton Snapper and more.
Last week I had a great time fishing my Anglers in the NASCAR Racers Invitational. Both my guys and I work our tails off to catch as many different fish as possible, it paid off in the end as our team took the first place honors, what a great day on the water.
As a reminder, We are starting to book for the Spring Tarpon Migration. Now is the time to make your plans to Catch Big 100 to 200 LB. Tarpon as we book up fast.
Till then, this Captain Ted Benbow asking you to "Keep it in the Shallow Grass" 305-393-0363

Friday, September 17, 2010

Islamorada Fishing/Florida keys Fishing

Greeting once again from Islamorada/Florida keys "The Sports Fishing Capital of the World"
Everyone always ask me, Captain Ted went is one of the best time to come the Islamorada to fish? I always reply October-Mid December! The rates to stay here are lower, it's cooler out and the Hurricanes are gone. During this time the fish is great, Redfish, Snook and Spotted Seatrout provide a solid bite, and there are still some small Tarpon and large Sharks. The other day I fished a 4 boat trip for a half day out of Papa Joe's Marina and we caught over 200 Spotted Seatrout between 10 Anglers.
This weekend I will be fishing the "Take Stock in children Backcountry challenge" The largest combined Redfish and Trout wins this two day event. In previous years my Anglers have taken home first and third place, so we are hoping for more of the same. Stay tuned for an update, till then this is Captain Ted Benbow ask you to "Keep it in the Shallow Grass" 305-393-0363

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No BP Gulf Oil Spill in the Florida Keys/Islamorada

Greetings once again from Islamorada and the Florida Keys. With all the recent talk on CNN about the BP Gulf Oil Spill many of my customers have called me to get the real story. Well as I have told them "What Gulf Oil Spill?" It over six hundred miles away from the Florida Keys! And if the oil reaches us in the Florida Keys it will be in the form of Tar Balls. Folks we have been dealing with Tar Balls since I was a little kid and this is not new to us. Bottom line is IT WILL NOT effect your Summer plans!
Fishing has been GREAT! This years night Tarpon fishing has been the best in many years, in the summer months we use live crabs under a float for Big Monsters. Back in the Everglade National Park the Snook are starting to show back up on the full day trips. Closer to home we are catching Big Sharks, Spotted Sea Trout and Redfish. Last week one lucky guest of mine caught a 30 LB. Permit! Check out my web site to see a photo of that nice catch.
Want to give it a try? Give me a call. Till then this is Captain Ted Benbow Asking you too "Keep it in the Shallow Grass" 305-393-0363

Monday, March 22, 2010

Florida keys Fishing, Islamorada fishing

Greetings once again from the Florida keys and Islamorada. Spring is here the water and the air has warmed up and the fishing has been red hot! This week in the Everglades National park and Flamingo large numbers of Spotted Sea Trout up to 4 pounds, slot sized Redfish and BIG black drum. my Anglers had five solid day of fishing in Flamingo. Over the weekend the Bonefishing turned on with fish being caught and released up to 9 pounds. In the Gulf, there are still big school of Spanish mackerel screaming drag for the Anglers that love that non stop action! I would like to tip my hat to my new Angler Katie. I have been fishing her two brothers Jack and Sam for a few years now, but she out fished them both on here first fishing trip the Florida Keys. Tons of Trout up to 4 pounds, her first Redfish 24", Two big Black drum, the biggest 27" and to top it off a 9 pound Trophy Bonefish, Wow! When Katie first got on my boat she told me
that she did not fish much and was just along for the ride and to see nature, well now she and here family are already planning to come back to Islamorada and fish for big Tarpon this summer, I think she hooked! Oh, I almost forgot Sam got his first Bonefish with me Too. Well that's all for now, want to make a memories with your family? Give me a call. Till then this is Captain Ted Benbow telling you to "Keep it in the Shallow Grass" 305-393-0363