Saturday, August 18, 2012

Okeechobee Bass fishing report

Capt Donnie Benbow of Skin and Fins Charters started his morning by site fishing for big Redfish with his Dad Capt Ted Benbow early Friday morning in near Islamorada in the Florida Keys. By the end of the day they were catching big Bass in a private lake in Okeechobee florida 200 miles away. The two biggest Redfish were close to 30" and the two biggest Bass were 24" and 27" what a great day if fishing

Friday, August 3, 2012

8-4-2012 islamorada fishing report

8-4-2012 Islamorada Fishing Report: this is the fishing report of the fater and son team of Skins and Fins Charter. We the waters on the flats off Islamorada this August have been hot and the flats fishing for Redfish has been hotter!! Capt Donnie has been up
On the Flats every morning treating his Anglers so some of the best Resfishing in some years. Throwing Millie's Buctails from Anglers Ammo has been the bait of Choice. Donnie have been fishing out of his New Maverick HPX micro to get in 4 inches of water. A average morning trip nets 6 to 10 big Reds and many shots at other. Well that what's going on, want to give it a try? Call us. 305-393-0363