Friday, February 8, 2013

Islamorada Fishing Report-Skins and Fins Charters

Islamorada Fishing Report- even though there has been a steady decline in Islamorada Bonefishing, the Florida Keys and Islamorada still have some of the biggest Bonefish. Islamorada Fishing Guides like Capt. Donnie Benbow of Skins and Fins Charters have been giving there customers shots at the Silver Bullets during the sunset fishing Charters. Bonefishing in Islamorada was first made famous by baseball slugger Ted Williams seen here holding up a nice sized Islamorada Bonefish. Other famous fisherman to fish for Bone fish in Islamorada include Billy Pate, Stu Apte, Capt George Wood and more. Now a days fishing for Bonefish in the Florida Keys take much more time. If you like to hint and stand in a Deer stand all day to see something, than Islamorada Bone-fishing might be for.